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Wall Speaker Installation

The best sounding surround sound is typically ear height systems and uses ear-height speakers. In-wall speakers blend perfectly into the wall and provide the best listening experience. We can provide the perfect wall speaker installation for any home or commercial residence. 

We understand installing speakers on a wall is not the most simple task in the world, that’s where we come in. Our team is full of professionals who will never leave you disappointed. We will leave zero clean up for you and bring forth a great sounding wall speaker setup to amplify your viewing and listening experience. Here at TV Mounting Chicago we can bring you the best wall speaker installation without any flaws. We can produce not only a slick and clean wall speaker installation, but we can also bring you great and affordable prices. 

We can mount your speakers to any wall with absolutely no trouble to meet your needs and preferences, and to provide you with the best sounding set up we possibly can. We will also make sure your speakers are perfectly leveled and centered for a clean, simple, and professional look. We will also make sure all of those pesky wires are perfectly hidden, so no accidents or weird looks from guests will occur in the far future. 

We will make sure that we leave your wall and surrounding area as clean as possible. At TV Mounting Chicago, we hate messes as much as the next person, especially during this global pandemic, that’s why we strive to stay as cleanly as possible while installing your speakers to your wall. We will make sure to sanitize any used equipment before and after application, along with ourselves. 

TV Mounting Chicago can bring you the perfect wall speaker installation with zero flaws to bring you the perfect system. We can install wall speakers in any home or commercial residence and we will make sure to make the perfect installation to fit your preferences. No matter if you want to use your wall speaks for a hardcore music listening session or to use it to watch your favorite action movie, we got your back!

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Absolutely! Mounting a TV above a fireplace is very popular option for many our clients. Please include wall type and wire concealment options when booking service. Check our photos for examples.

You do not need to provide your own mount, just let us know and we will provide one for you.

TV mounting without drilling can be provided for TVs up to 55″. This service requires a special TV mount. Click the book service button for more info. It is best to call us to speak with our tech.

You can choose several options to conceal your wire, through a wall covering or in wall concealment.

Yes. We can provide same day service with 5 hours notice, choose EMEREGNCY service when booking and we will call you ASAP to confirm the booking.

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