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At TV Mounting Chicago, we provide professional TV Installation Service and Home Theater Installation Services to residential and commercial customers in Chicago, IL, and all surrounding areas. Mounting a TV can be challenging without the right care and equipment; that is where we come in! We can guarantee a safe mounting job without damaging your flat-screen TV. Our team is flooded with professional mounters and has never failed once. We make sure we hire and form the perfect group of people to guarantee nothing less than an ideal mounting job. Our services include mounting TVs wherever you desire. That can even be outside your home on the patio, in your bathroom, or even in your bar!

Without a doubt, we can provide TV mounts, HDMI cables, and all other necessary parts to finish the project. If you desire, we can also set up and mount your Sound Bar or your Home Theater System and mount your speakers on the wall or in the ceiling!


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Chicago TV Mounting Installation Service

Extensive tv mounting experience allows us to bring your desired installation to you with ease. Mounting your TV isn’t an easy task, and you shouldn’t attempt to do it on your own. If you want a perfect mount, TV Mounting Chicago and will always make sure your wall mounts are durable, and your TV is at the ideal viewing angle! We will make sure you get the best entertainment room to show off to all of your friends and family. Set up a time and date, and we will be there in a blink of an eye!

Every setup is different, and each design requires more care than others. Still, TV Mounting Chicago can provide the perfect TV Wall Mounting Service setup for any customer with the right type of TV Mount, if you if have to purchase one on your own, our guide will help you do just that! Your viewing experience is hugely dependent on us being able to present you with your desired viewing setup.

We will ensure that our cable management is pristine. Your TV is working correctly, along with your TV mounted in the perfect spot. Also, we will make sure your area is as clean as it was before we showed up! As TV Mounting Chicago, we like to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the final product.

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Home Security Camera Installation

No matter the project, we can install an outdoor entertainment area for everyone to watch their favorite show and you home security cameras. Yes, of course, we install projectors to amplify your viewing experience to an out of this world level.

There are a plethora of advantages to having your new television mounted. The most significant advantage of the TV Wall Mounting Service is that you are saving space in your home. Mounting your TV will free up plenty of room for extra storage or furniture in your home! It will enhance your viewing experience and reduce restraints on your neck and body. Everybody in the room can view their favorite show on Netflix or the next big sporting event.

Not to mention our low prices for our services especially compared to the guys over at Best Buy TV Mounting Service. Not only will you have an incredible TV mounted correctly, but it will be at a price that didn’t wholly abolish your bank account like Best Buy TV Mounting Service. It feels nice to be balling on a budget.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers, no matter the circumstances. We want to see you with an ear to ear smile on your face as we walk out of your front door if even that’s all the way in Naperville, IL!

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Absolutely! Mounting a TV above a fireplace is very popular option for many our clients. Please include wall type and wire concealment options when booking service. Check our photos for examples.

You do not need to provide your own mount, just let us know and we will provide one for you.

TV mounting without drilling can be provided for TVs up to 55″. This service requires a special TV mount. Click the book service button for more info. It is best to call us to speak with our tech.

You can choose several options to conceal your wire, through a wall covering or in wall concealment.

Yes. We can provide same day service with 5 hours notice, choose EMEREGNCY service when booking and we will call you ASAP to confirm the booking.

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